With the limited launch of Alpha version in Australia, first impressions about Diablo Immortals have started to popping-up across the internet. Hopefully many of us would remember “Do you guys not have phones?” Yeah, that was a quote from 2018 Blizzcon when Blizzard literally out of the blue announced Diablo Immortals and fans were really really outrageous as they were not expecting a mobile game but full fledge Diablo IV which Blizzard announced an year later.

With limited Alpha is out, we can surely see that Blizzard HAS apparently delivered something with their signature craftsmanship. The visuals are great. The soundtrack is magical. The story is there AND above all, it’s magical and buttery fluid. There are some caveats but we hope Blizzard will fix them as we move near to finished product. Fingers Crossed!!!

The World

The world feels alive, Undead alive. Our journey starts from Wortham, old good Wortham, but bit older and we make our move from a cursed forest filled with undead creatures to the city center. During our way out there, we collect shards of Worldstone. Currently there are six zones in Alpha and each of them has it’s own horror stories, quests, and rewards.


Dungeons are phased solo or group content and the main source of loot items. Depending on your class, which we will discuss later, you have many options at your disposal to kill the monsters and get the shiny loot. Not only they are main source for gear but they also contain answers to some hidden and forgotten pages of Sanctuary’s past.


Rifts are endgame dungeon-like content. In rifts you will pit yourself to upgraded elite monsters on a randomly generated map bound by a time limit. Completing your first daily rift will award you with many useful items and resources. But that’s not it as you will also be awarded as per your weekly standings in leaderboard.

Elder Rifts

You may assume Elder Rifts equivalent to Mythic+ content we found in WoW but on steroids. You will face hardest of the hardest monsters there and earn crests based on your performance.



In Diablo Immortals, gameplay is much like it’s PC counterparts. We got four main classes n alpha namely

  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard
  • Monk

Remaining two classes, Crusader and Necromancer, will make it to game in some later stage; most probably Blizzconline 2021

Demon Hunter

Unlike their WoW counterparts, Demon Hunters are agile ranged DPS class mainly focus on AoE damage. They are fast paced and versatile in dealing damage from apart with their signature move being Range of Vengeance.


Barbarians are battle hardened veterans specialized in dealing heavy damage from a short distance. Hammer of the Ancients is their signature attack move which deals devastating damage in very short period of time


Wizards are mainly support class who excel at dealing damage from apart using ripple of time and space. They can freeze their enemies from ranged as well. Meteor strike is their signature move to burn their enemies down to ashes


Mystic and Sacred, they are true martial artist and excel at dealing damage in close proximity with bare hands and kicks. They are simply beautiful and deathly. Wave of Light is their bread and butter in melting their enemies down like butter.


Once you hit level cap, your journey doesn’t end there. You continue to earn points from various activities to unlock Paragons points to enhance your character further. There are various trees to unlock and we will add details here as we progress further builds of game

External Resources

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