Covid-19 has impacted our lives in every way possible. The impacts are everywhere. We have learned physical distancing. We learning to keep education going. We are getting used to of new normal. We have changed the way we interact with our friends and families.

Physical Distancing

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The very first lesson we have learned from Covid-19 is Physical Distancing. As the Covid-19 virus spreads via air so we have to adopt new ways to greet each other. Gone are the days of parties, dinners, and watching NFL in the stadium with loved ones. Masks are new normal for us now and so is physical distancing.

Maintaining physical distance is important to slow the COVID-19, but staying socially connected is how we will get through this – together.

Work from Home

Many people discovered that they could work from home during this time period. Once the virus outbreak is over, it may be worthwhile to speak with your boss about the possibility of working from home when necessary. Most jobs have a portion of the work that can be done remotely. Even if the virus is not present, there should be some system in place to promote work-life balance.

Medical Personnel Need Better Salaries

It is the doctors and experts who would get us out of this mess if this fearful time has taught us anything. They are the people who are working around the clock to accelerate the world’s recovery. Hundreds of scientists are currently working to develop a coronavirus treatment. We ought to reconsider how much money Hollywood stars, professional players, and politicians earn and instead pay scientists and doctors what they are worth.

Family is Important

Now that we can’t go out and remain busy, the only way to overcome depression is to get in touch with friends and family on a daily basis, whether by phone or video call (WhatsApp is your friend). This is the period for lengthy discussions and in-depth discussions. At these critical moments, don’t lose sight of the importance of human interaction. Call your loved ones!

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