Digital Customer Experience (DCX) refers to the sum total of all online interactions a customer has with your brand. It may start with your company website but could also include mobile apps, chatbots, social media. What matters here is the perception customers take away.

You would surely be willing to pay a premium for a remarkable experience given by a brand you like? Your clients will very probably do so in the future years. Experiences that elicit strong emotions, rather than pricing or items, will determine purchasing habits and brand loyalty. Consider the following upcoming trends:

  • Customers will pay extra for a great experience
  • Customers will pay extra to the brands with more emotional attachment
  • Service-related problems will most likely lead to brand switch as compared

The message is simple: except your brand becomes an engagement champion, customers and consumers will turn elsewhere.

As the drive towards an all-digital world intensifies, most consumer interactions are offered via online channels where feelings are harder to measure and react to. Whether you’re on the front lines dealing with consumers or behind the scenes working on enabling technology, understanding what works, repairing what’s wrong, and designing a digital customer experience with clarity and intention should be front of mind for every marketing team on the planet.

DCX At a Glance

The word customer experience refers to the totality of all consumer interactions in the internet industry. It might begin with your company’s website, but it might also encompass mobile applications, chatbots, social media, and any other channels with a virtual touchpoint. And what matters here is the impression buyers form. Is it difficult and stressful to seek help or place an order, or is the procedure simple, memorable, and enjoyable?

It is vital to note that consumers generally don’t think like marketers about the different phases of their trip. Whether physical or digital, offline or online, customers want uniformity across all platforms and on your brand’s mission. For them all, your brand is one experience. Make sure that you are capable of carrying out digital marketing by people as well as technological know-how and ensure that the world overlaps smoothly.

Benefits of Great DCX

An exceptional digital client experience is especially meaningful. For any company, this is the very point of differentiation. Brands that combine the three important components of exceptional products, effective digital experiences, and memorable human contacts; have more committed, pleased, and loyal consumers.

Additionally, as a result of cohesive DCX a company could achieve:
– Enhanced retention of customers
– Decreased customer turn-over rates
– Increased client value in life
– More equity in the brand
– Lowered service costs

Managing DCX

Audiences have come to assume that supplying data to business is an unavoidable aspect of the digital experience. They do, however, want businesses to acknowledge them in return. Marketing executives frequently talk about putting consumers first, but a good percent of businesses never solicit input.   Customers can detect this gap. They can tell when the human factor is lacking. Your task is to seek out and repair broken experiences before they drive customers away,

Companies who take the time to sketch out the client journey always come out ahead. You can’t build one-of-a-kind experiences until you understand when and where your customers connect with your business. With this in mind, consider DCX management as a four-step process:

DXP Design Process

Customer data provides crucial information, which is why having solutions like a digital experience platform (DXP) that can integrate data across communication channels is crucial. Artificial intelligence applications are increasingly capable of assisting you in collecting, connecting, and understanding data. However, unless you have sophisticated AI that applies insight for you, it is up to your team to appropriately implement what you’ve learned. Even if you have artificial intelligence, this is where the creative fun begins. Connecting customer journeys in useful, engaging, and wonderfully surprising ways may make all the difference, and it is up to your team to create such trips.

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