For those who haven’t heard of Lost Ark, it’s a free-to-play MMO action RPG developed by Smilegate, a South Korean firm. It has been available in the wild there since 2018, amassing millions of active players. It’s an isometric fantasy game that transports players to the exotic realm of Arkesia in search of a mythical treasure known as – you got it – the Lost Ark, while also preventing the region from being engulfed by a demonic menace. At first glance, it has some resemblance to action RPGs like Diablo and monster-filled MMOs like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2, but it’s a very different beast below.

Classes and Gameplay

Lost Ark’s fighting system is unique, having five base classes and fourteen advanced classes to branch into via specialized talents. The five primary classes are Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin, as explained in a presentation by Amazon Games producers Matthew Huston and Jake Smith.

To give you an idea of the advanced options available, the Warrior class provides a path to becoming a Berserker (a tanky, action-heavy build with a berserk mode and two-handed sword), a Gunlancer (who possesses an enormous shield and an even larger single-handed rifle), or a Paladin (a melee combat and magic-user combo). Meanwhile, Gunners may choose from astute, quick-on-the-draw Gunslingers, while Mages may choose from lyrical, magic-wielding Bards and formidable Summoners. Martial Artists may use punchy Scrappers and laser-focused Wardancers, while Assassins can employ shape-shifting Shadowhunters — and there are lots more.

A distinguishing feature of Lost Ark is its developing, ARPG-style fighting mechanisms – referred to in-game as the ‘Tripod System.’ This effectively allows you to combine and match talents in order to develop nifty and varied battle strategies. You’ll begin with a base skill and go through upgrades that alter the skill’s functionality and look. The more improvements you get, the deeper you delve into the Tripod system, which offers up the possibility of branching into more powerful designs.

Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on adjusting to the game’s content. The improvements are unlocked in stages, and mixing and matching at those levels does not cost additional skill points, so you may easily chop and change as necessary when the circumstance requires a slightly different strategy.

There are many additional areas outside of battle to focus on. Additionally, the main campaign will have side tasks and minigames woven into the gameplay. Lost Ark has used the term “strongholds.” You’ll claim an area of ground and create a colony there, creating decorations and extending it as you go.

You may host up to 50 humans and NPCs on your pad and if you’ve done a good job, they will shower you with gratitude, which raises the probability of it being suggested to other players to pay you a visit. Not to mention dressing up NPCs and sending them on errands for prizes, which we’re sure they’ll find really fun and not at all presumptuous.

The World

Arkesia will also have sailing, which will enable you to cruise freely throughout the map. You will need to acquire crew members and uncover unique and hidden regions (and maybe even find some gold). You may customize a customizable craft and collect things while exploring the game’s open universe.

Features at Glance

Explore a World Filled with Adventure.

Explore seven massive continents and the waters between them to uncover beautiful cultures, curious wildlife, and everything in between. Explore the mysteries of Arkesia, challenge others in PvP, travel to remote islands in quest of hidden treasures, confront several enemy and boss encounters in the open world, and more.

Your Odyssey Beckons. 

Your Odyssey Beckons.  Either in groups with friends, or solo, an exciting journey awaits you. Go head-to-head in skilled PvP duels, raid against monsters large and small, and battle in the Demon Legion’s war for the Lost Ark’s power and light.

Define Your Forte

Lost Ark provides user-friendly features with deep and versatile customization. Tripod allows you to take total control of warfare using unconventional tactics. You will have significant customization capabilities, unlocking three layers of personalization. The roster of classes in Lost Ark provides you with a variety of options, making it easy to pick the fighting style you’re most comfortable with.


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